Roy Smiles

Roy Smiles is an award-winning playwright & singer songwriter from West London.

He is the author of twenty-seven produced stage plays.

Six of his plays have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Eight albums of his songs are released on Bandcamp: Drunks & Dreamers, Time’s Moving On, Seize The Day, Autumn Song, Bremen, The Trains & The Rain, Northern Angels and Lost Souls.

He has had productions staged in the UK, US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, the Czech Republic & Sweden.

Forty of his plays (1992-2021), staged or not yet produced, are available to download on his website.

As are all 112 of his songs. Website:

Schmucks, his first play, about Groucho Marx meeting Lenny Bruce, was staged at The B.A.C. in 1992.

Bombing People, his farce about The Enola Gay, was staged at Jermyn Street Theatre in 2000.

Ying Tong, his story of The Goon Show, was staged by West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2004. It transferred to the New Ambassadors Theatre in London. It was later staged worldwide & broadcast on Radio 4.

Good Evening, his story of the Beyond The Fringe team, had its world premier in South Africa in 2007. It was later broadcast on BBC Radio 4, starring Benedict Cumberpatch.

Year Of The Rat, his story of George Orwell’s attempts to write 1984, had its British premier at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2008. It had three further productions in New Zealand.

Pythonesque, his play about Graham Chapman & The Monty Python team had its British premier at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival. It was later broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Kurt & Sid, his play about Kurt Cobain’s suicide, was staged at the Trafalgar Studios in London in 2009, starring Shaun Evans as Kurt Cobain & Danny Dyer as Sid Vicious.

The Last Pilgrim, his play about Robert F. Kennedy’s doomed presidential campaign, was staged at The White Bear Theatre in 2010. It was short listed for Best Play at the 2011 Off West End Awards.

The Lad Himself, his play about self-destructive TV & radio comedian Tony Hancock, was staged at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival.

Reno, his play about Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller’s divorce during the making of The Misfits, had its premiere during the Brighton Festival in 2015.

Ten Plays by Roy Smiles was published by Oberon Books in 2018.

Compilations of his music: London Hymns, Clancy’s Song, Winter’s Child, If Summer Comes, Ballads Of The Thames, Child Of Two Rivers, Go Gently (Best Of) & A Land Called Home (Best Of II) are all released on Spotify & Amazon.